Learn Chinese using a structured approach in an online group environment

Australasian Centre of Chinese Studies

If you want to learn Chinese in the fastest, most effectively and easiest way, look no further. 
We are the leading Chinese Language Centre in Australia (ACCS)! ChinesebyDesign is our global arm.

Accelerated Learning

Not all online Chinese learning is the same. With us, you will join a group of like minded students motivated to learn Chinese in an engaged manner in an online environment using a structured approach, Accelerated Learning.

Flexibility and Value

We offer maximum flexibility to our students such as concurrent classes every week, catch-up recorded video lessons, deferring to another Term for a nominal fee and an extensive set of student tools.

If you have been wanting to learn Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese in an online environment which is totally engaging and fun, check us out at ChinesebyDesign