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Chinese Online Classes using Zoom


Join the fun with small group classes led by English-speaking Chinese teachers using our Accelerated Learning techniques.

Chinese Class Structure

These timetables are for our public Zoom classes. Average class size is 6 to 8.

Our teachers are all native speakers of Chinese but has the additional advantages of being based in Australia and hence are very fluent in English to explain the intricacies of the Chinese language.

In addition, they are all trained in our Accelerated Learning Approach of teaching Chinese and in the expert use of Zoom to increase interactivity.

All of our Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) classes are held once per week for 10 weeks. Our students will complete one Level of classes per intake. We have a total of 4 intakes per year which means you can study up to 4 Levels in one year!

Lessons Flexibility

Once enrolled, our students are welcome to attend any other same Level class if they need to miss their regular class, if such an alternate class is available at a different time of the week or at another location.

In addition, all of our classes have been videotaped so that students may watch a lesson they have missed on YouTube. This gives our students many alternatives to not miss their Chinese lesson for that week.

Better yet, students are also welome to repeat their Chinese lesson for that week, if they wish, at a different time or location.

Group classes with Zoom - you be amazed how fun it is!

Don’t get stressed with one-on-one classes - join a group class and have some fun instead.
Don’t pay for private classes - it’s cheaper with Zoom classes and more enjoyable.

Robert Wong

The new Term 2 starts from the week beginning of 25th April 2022.

For more information on pricing and scheduling or enrolments, please email Robert at
or chat with him on our ACCS Facebook Page
or WhatsApp him on +614 0152 9920.

Ask him about our FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON if you are not located in Australia!

International Timetables

Click on the Zone below in which your country is located. If your country is not listed below, click on the Zone that has a country nearest to yours.
You can also check the time difference by going here and then entering your city and moving the slider to the correct date and time.


A great way to learn with like minded people - we have a bit of a laugh along the way too. The lesson structures make it enjoyable to learn.

Bianca DiNuzzo