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Chinese courses with our live group classes using Zoom

Timetables for Europe

Join the fun with small group classes led by English-speaking Chinese teachers using our Accelerated Learning techniques.

Most schools offering Chinese classes in Europe would usually be using traditional rote-based methods to teach Chinese. Although it might be effective but such classes can be boring and can be very demotivating. Alternatively, there are many apps around to teach Chinese but studies have shown that people do not continue on with these apps long enough to make it work for them. Humans are social beings and hence would prefer some level of interactivity and engagement when learning. Hence, our online group Zoom classes not only provide such an optional level of interactivity but will also provide you with an integrated and consistent approach to learning Chinese using our Accelerated Learning techniques. Furthermore, this is a much more cost-effective way compared to private one-on-one online sessions.

Timetables for Mandarin and Cantonese Classes

Day Zone 8 Class Code Melbourne Time (UTC +11)
LEVEL 1 - (Beginners 1 – Part A) Class duration: 1.5 hours      
Monday 2:00 am P1A13Z1 10:00 am
Monday 9:30 am P1A13Z2 5:30 pm
Tuesday 10:30 am P1A13Z3 6:30 pm
Wednesday 2:00 am P1A13Z4 10:00 am
Thursday 11:30 am P1A13Z5 7:30 pm
Friday 5:00 am P1A13Z6 1:00 pm
Saturday 5:00 am P1A13Z7 1:00 pm
Sunday 2:00 am P1A13Z8 10:00 am
LEVEL 1 - (Beginners 1 – Part B) Class duration: 1.5 hours      
Thursday 10:30 am P2A13R1 6:30 pm
Tuesday 11:30 am P2A13Z1 7:30 pm
LEVEL 2 - (Beginners 2)      
Monday 11:30 am B13Z1 7:30 pm
LEVEL 3 - (Beginners 3)      
Thursday 11:30 am C13Z1 7:30 pm
LEVEL 4 - (Intermediate 1)      
Monday 9:30 am D13Z1 5:30 pm
Tuesday 10:30 am D13Z2 6:30 pm
LEVEL 5 - (Intermediate 2)      
Wednesday 10:30 am E13Z1 6:30 pm
LEVEL 6 - (Intermediate 3)      
Wednesday 11:30 am F13Z1 7:30 pm
LEVEL 7 - (Advance 1)      
Wednesday 10:30 am G13Z1 6:30 pm
LEVEL 8 - (Advance 2)      
Monday 10:30 am H13Z1 6:30 pm
LEVEL 11 - ( Advance 5)      
Sunday 2:00 am K13Z1 10:00 am
LEVEL 15 - (Very Advance 4)      
Sunday 5:00 am M13Z1 1:00 pm
LEVEL 19 - (Very Advance 7)      
Thursday 9:30 am S13Z1 5:30 pm
LEVEL 23 - (Very Advance 11)      
Sunday 2:00 am W13Z1 10:00 am
Day Zone 8 Class Code Melbourne Time
LEVEL CT1 (Cantonese Level 1)      
Monday 2:00 am TA13Z1 10:00 am
Thursday 11:30 am TA13Z2 7:30 pm
Saturday 5:00 am TA13Z3 1:00 pm
LEVEL CT2 (Cantonese Level 2)      
Wednesday 11:30 am TB13Z1 7:30 pm
LEVEL CT3 (Cantonese Level 3)      
Monday 11:30 am TC13Z1 7:30 pm

Our Classes

These timetables are for our live public Zoom classes. Average class size is usually around 10 people.
For Beginners Mandarin Level 1 classes, each session is 11/2 hours - giving a total of 15 hours per Level (for Beginners classes). For all other Levels and Cantonese, class duration is 2 hours - a total of 20 hours of classes per Term.
All of our Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) classes are held once per week for 10 weeks. Our students will complete one Level of classes per Term. We have a total of 4 Terms per year which means you can study up to 4 Levels in one year!

Term Dates

Academic Calendar for Adults - 2023
Term 1: 30 Jan - 9 Apr
Term 2: 24 Apr - 2 July
Term 3: 17 July - 24 Sept
Term 4: 9 Oct - 17 Dec

Go here for the Course Syllabus of all our Chinese Classes

Group classes with Zoom - Learn Chinese without Tears!

Don’t get stressed with one-on-one classes - join a group class and have some fun instead.
Don’t pay for private classes - it’s cheaper with Zoom classes and much more enjoyable.

Robert Wong

For more information on pricing and scheduling or enrolments, please email our Chinese Centre Manager, Robert, at
or chat with him on our ACCS Facebook Page
or WhatsApp him on +614 0152 9920.

Money Back Offer for our Chinese classes All our classes are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!
Get your money back (less any credit card fees) if you are not happy for any reason, before your 2nd lesson.


I really enjoyed my time with ACCS. Classes were interactive, relevant and personal, and I have made many friends with which I can continue practising my Chinese over dinner! I have nothing but good things to say about all my teachers, and Robert is very responsive and helpful as well.

Rachel Wang